Who Am I?

I suppose it doesn’t mean anything any more to say that one is an award winning screenwriter. There are so many screenwriting awards at so many levels that everyone with a pirated copy of Final Draft who can string a sentence together can call themselves an award winning screenwriter.

Also I’m not sure whether I’m a professional screenwriter or not. If professional means anyone who has ever been paid to write a screenplay then I am a professional. But if it means someone who makes a living writing screenplays then I am certainly not a professional.

I don’t really want to use the words budding either as I feel it has lost any romantic imagery it may have once had. Fledgeling? I think I like fledgeling. It doesn’t suggest I have any more experience than I do. Do other careers have a fledgeling stage? Are there fledgeling plumbers or fledgeling bikini waxers?

I am a fledgeling screenwriter trying to hone my craft. I’m also a husband, a father, a cat owner and a beard wearer. I currently reside in Perth, Australia and if you’re at all interested in buying me a gift my kitchen could sure use a nice coffee machine.

-Robert j. Lee, August 2012

5 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. So can we do requests?

    SciFi and or a surprise twist. It will be hard to do in two pages, but it’s a challenge for you, should you choose to accept it.

  2. Hello Robert, I teach filmmaking courses at a college in Toronto. Could I use the scripts posted on your site for academic use?

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