Want to make one?

Seen a script that takes your fancy? Want to make it? Great!

I’m offering all these scripts for free to make (unless otherwise stated) but there are a few conditions. I’m flexible on most of these though so if you have any questions just ask.

  • I want sole writing credit. I am happy to work with a director or producer on rewrites and drafts.
  • I keep the rights to the story, including remakes, sequels, adaptations etc. Each script may well be shot several times by several people. I would be willing to option the rights for a fee if you don’t want anyone else to be able to use the script.
  • Once the film has finished any festival run or distribution, to be able to put it on the blog.
  • If you take any, I’d love to get copies of behind the scenes photos or videos.
  • Buy me a beer if we ever meet.
  • If the opportunity ever arises, to return the favour on paid gigs.

Bear in mind that these conditions apply only to scripts I have written myself, not on guest scripts. Should you be interested in making any guest scripts please contact the authors directly or I’d be happy to pass on your details. The guest writers may be interested in different conditions or fees.

So drop me a line and let me know if you’re interested.

Robert j. Lee



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