Memory and the Mountain

A memory broker tries to convince an ageing mountain climber to sell his memories.

Often when I’m writing these shorts I try to keep a low budget in mind in order to make them doable for low to zero budget filmmakers. That’s not what I have done with this one.

Hope you enjoy it.

Memory and the Mountain



A world leader prepares to make the most important speech of his life.

I think this might be the shortest two pager yet. I didn’t want to pad it out because ultimately I liked the pace and didn’t want any parts of it to drag (is that even possible in a two page script? [Yes]). Also you’ll notice that the title is in a different font, something I’ve only done a couple of times before. There’s no real reason for this, I just liked the way it looked.

It was inspired by recent violence in France and the world’s reaction.

Hope you like it.


L’Esprit De l’Escalier

A mad, old, obsessive scientist has unlocked the mystery of time travel

This week’s script is about looking back, about being obsessed with the past. I wanted to do something for new years eve and thought a story about time travel would be perfect.

Also it’s kind of a companion piece to Chronology and the Captain, a kind of spiritual cousin.

Hope you enjoy it and have a safe and happy 2015.

L’Esprit De l’Escalier

When We Were Very Young

An old man travels to a place that was important to him when he was very young.

Initially I wanted to do something more overtly Christmas themed this week. I had a few stupid ideas about Santa or elves but nothing that I really liked. Ultimately I decided on something about our connection to childhood, that’s fairly Christmassy, right?

Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas.

When We Were Very Young

The Affair Affair

Alan is bored with retirement but his wife has an interesting suggestion.

Two Pages a Week is back!

This week’s script is a little talky piece that reuses a couple of characters from a previous script. Thought I’d ease myself back into it before bringing out the talking bears and ancient gods (<– stay tuned).

Also there have been several more films made and I will be posting those in the coming weeks. Sorry to all the filmmakers who have been waiting to see their films posted.

Hope you like it.

The Affair Affair