Film: The Hack

The latest film to be made is one of my favourite scripts. John Ondo from Columbus, Ohio has made The Hack as part of a filmmaking class he runs for a non-profit arts centre.

Hope you like it.


Film: Department for Accidental Advancement

Today’s film is an adaptation of The Department for Accidental Advancement and the first two pager to be animated. It was made by the three Multimedia and Design students, Colin Grey, James Martin, and Kathleen Tran. It’s a lot of fun.

Here’s Colin’s introduction:

The short film was created by three students, studying Interactive Multimedia & Design. The courses in the program cover a multitude of different topics, though this course in particular acting as an introduction to 3D Computer Animation. As the project assigned was required to not be too short or long in length, Two Pages A Week was recommended by the professor, as a two page script provides a fairly attainable scope in the time provided. After reading through some of the scripts to get a feel for them, we came across The Department For Accidental Advancement. This script in particular felt like a great mix of serious and funny, with unique character personalities and dynamic, which helped give an immediate mental image of what we could produce. We ran with it and ended up with what you see.

Film: Taste

I haven’t written a script for this week due to being quite ill. Instead I’m going to finally get around to posting all the films that people have been sending me. Apologies to all the filmmakers for taking so long.

The order will be determined by how quickly I can find them in my email inbox. The first is Taste directed by Tyler Moldovan.


One Way Single

The story behind my first feature script is a long and sordid affair. I generally don’t like to speak about it but you may coax it out of me over a beer or two if you’re really interested. Muddied though it is by time, bias and cumulative error, I can’t guarantee any telling of the story will be 100% accurate. Let’s just say that it’s a story of an immoral producer and a very naive and, let’s face it, foolish young writer.

If you don’t want to read any gushy, creative crap I would suggest skipping straight to the script (forewarned be ye, says I!)

It seems like a lifetime ago when I wrote Pepper, I wrote seven drafts in all, it was copied from hard drive to hard drive as I went through different computers over the years but at some point I made the decision to leave it behind. I had grown beyond it as a writer but the characters have stayed with me and, at the risk of sounding gag-inducingly precious (you were warned) are still very important to me.

So recently I mentioned to a friend that I would like to do a series of two pagers that are related and can be seen as a larger arc but also stand on their own as tiny slices. She suggested Pepper.

So here’s the first, those of you who remember the original feature will recognise the same characters in later scripts but will hopefully notice that they have grown a little, that they are a little deeper or more human.

Hope you enjoy it.

One Way Single

Holy Land

This week I’m doing something a little different. This script was written to try a character out, to let him out of his box to wander about and see what kinds of things he might say or get up to.

He’s from something else I might write one day, a TV pilot with a lot of big characters and ideas.

Let me know what you think of him.

Holy Land

The Gravediggers

This week’s script was a lot of fun to write, the first draft came in a few pages too long and I had to be really brutal chopping down to two pages. I had the two characters talking about fatalism and the class system, it was becoming very pythonesque by the end of it so I cut all that stuff out.

I loved writing these characters and could have just kept going and going, I might even revisit them at some point.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Gravediggers