Memory and the Mountain

A memory broker tries to convince an ageing mountain climber to sell his memories.

Often when I’m writing these shorts I try to keep a low budget in mind in order to make them doable for low to zero budget filmmakers. That’s not what I have done with this one.

Hope you enjoy it.

Memory and the Mountain


The Hack

The story of Rupert Winward, hack science fiction writer in the 1960s.


Picture by Timothy Merks

My Daughter and I have recently been binge watching the original series of Star Trek, and we’re loving it. This is born from that, a recent bout of writer’s block, and my own fear that I’m a hack.

It’s part of a longer story that I might write one day and the character is definitely someone I’d like to do more with.

Hope you like it.

The Hack

Tattle Tale

A hard boiled tale of double crosses, subterfuge, and marbles.

This one was fun to write. Knowing that I had up to five pages to play with really opened the story up a lot. and I wanted to write something that is for children that can be enjoyed by adults.

The story is based loosely on something that happened at my school when I was a kid and I’d love to expand it into a feature one day.

Hope you like it.

Tattle Tale

A Permanent State of Readiness

The day has finally come for Donald the survivalist.

You may have noticed that most of my recent scripts are coming in over two pages, usually a full three pages. From now on what I’m going to do is write a short script every week that is at least two pages but no longer than five. I have found that truncating them into two pages often means sacrificing pace or condensing action paragraphs into large blocks.

This week’s script is a dark little number about survivalism.

I hope you like it.

A Permanent State of Readiness