Guest Script: The Audition

A hopeful actress attends a rather unorthodox audition for a horror film.

Guest two pager Alexa Brown is back with another corker. Alexa and I have been working together on a webseries for the last year and a half or so and I have really enjoyed writing with a partner, we have tended to push each other creatively and I am very proud of the work we’ve done together.

Here’s Alexa’s introduction.

Rob and I have been working for some time on a web-series centered around the life of actor and her various struggles with the pursuit of her ambition. Although we’ve nearly finished, we’ve been struggling to rewrite an early and important scene about an audition our main character fucks up. To free us up from the existing characters and structure of our comedy drama, Rob suggested I wrote an entirely different audition-based two pager. Just for fun. This is the result.

Hope you like it!

The Audition


Guest Script: The Tornado Tamer

This week’s guest script comes from Mark Dicks and is the opening for a planned series of graphic novels. They are presented here in the hopes that he might gain interest from an artist. If you are, or know anyone who is an artist interested in collaborating on an epic sci-fi series please do contact Mark using the email provided on the title page of the script.

Here’s Mark’s introduction:

I’ve had this idea brewing in my noggin for years now dubbed as my ‘Five Part Epic’. I’m not entirely sure if it will ever be epic, but at the very least I am sure it will be made up of five parts.

However, none of this idea as of late exists on paper. That’s whereabouts Rob and Two Pages a Week comes in. So thank you Rob, and many thanks Two Pages a Week for finally making me notch my scribing digits into gear.

What you’ll discover within my contribution for this week is an attempt at the opening for part one. Hopefully one day this story will make its way onto the pages of a published graphic novel, preferably before I kick the bucket of course.

This script also marks the first on Two Pages a Week that is completely dialogue free, something I’ve been wanting to do myself for a while.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Tornado Tamer

Guest Script: Tall Girl

This week sees my small hiatus continue and another guest script published. Tall Girl is a beautiful love story from David Crow, who gave us The Deal a couple of weeks ago.

A short intro from David:

I’m not sure this needs much introduction. It’s Valentine’s Day – so here’s a love story.

Hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Tall Girl

Guest Script: Saturday

This week sees another two pager from Alexa Brown, writer of Mugged and The Contest.

Here’s Alexa’s introduction:

Following my previous two more comic scripts, Mugged and The Contest, this is something about the effect unhappiness has on a person. I’ve also realised this is my second script that features physical morphing … perhaps I ought to write an animation script next time!

Hope you like it, I certainly did (also I recommend following Alexa on Twitter if you’re not already).


Guest Script: The Deal

Unfortunately I’m going to have to take a few weeks off from Two Pages a Week. It’s because, mainly through this blog, I have gotten quite a lot of writing work that I need to concentrate on. Luckily this means there will be some more great guest script over the next few weeks.

This week’s is from David Crow, a writer-performer currently working on a comedy pilot with Objective Productions.

Of this script he writes:

I like exploring the idea of loneliness and the poignancy it often masks, even in an unhealthy and disturbing relationship. I also like it when people haggle over money – possibly because it’s often used in Hemingway stories and I have ideas above my station…

Hope you enjoy it.

The Deal

Guest Script: All I Want For Christmas

Due to my being frightfully ill this week a Wednesday went by without me posting a two pager. I will post one tomorrow (promise) but luckily Tom Edmunds has come to the rescue with a guest script.

Tom’s a writer/director from the UK whose short film Is This a Joke is currently doing the circuit and which I recommend highly.

This is the first Christmas themed one and I hope there will be a few more over the coming weeks. Here’s an introduction from Tom:

It is based on a story a friend of mine told me and I always liked it because although it is clearly such a trivial thing it made a surprisingly big impact – perhaps because Xmas is such a focal point of our childhood memories and I guess it was the first time he had felt let down by his parents. Now I’m a parent myself I have become so aware of my own fear of letting my children down… I know it will happen at some point but I’m trying to put it off for as long as possible!

Hope you like it as much as I did.

All I Want For Christmas

Guest Script: Big Me

This week’s guest script is from a writer by the name of Christopher Taylor, a chap I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting but who describes himself as someone who  “Has lived in Berlin for 3 years. Studied in Perth. Is devilishly handsome, bullshit talented and lazy as fuck.” so I like him.

I also like his two pager, which he introduces here:

This script is the opening scene of a story that began in my head as a feature film, moved on to become my (unfinished) first novel and now bangs around in my head from time to time begging to be completed in one form or the other.
I found the two page limit to be very challenging (at one point wondering if anyone out there in cyberspace had a “threepagesaweek” blog) but I’m quite happy with the finished product. I guess the point of the two page script is to tighten everything up and ensure that as a writer I am able to ruthlessly cut what is unnecessary.

It was great being able to reconnect with these characters that had been left in hard drive hibernation for the past few years, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.