What’s going on with Two Pages a Week?

Two Pages a Week is currently going through a redesign. Soon it will be easier to browse all the scripts and see all the short films that have been made. Once the new design is live I will post all the new films to the site, sorry it has taken me so long to get to it.

In the meantime why not browse the Script Index or read my top five scripts?

Gravediggers – Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark. Two familiar gravediggers have a chat at the end of a busy day.

Touch – A young woman has retreated from society because she freezes everything and everyone she touches.

Taste – In a mysterious patisserie, pastry chef Dulcia sells quick fixes and solutions to an array of problems.

Smell – A strange detective surveys the scene of a murder.

Last Drink at the Urbis Club – Mr. Melville and Okuma have come to the mysterious Urbis Club for a drink, but one of them has some business to attend to.