Film: Department for Accidental Advancement

Today’s film is an adaptation of The Department for Accidental Advancement and the first two pager to be animated. It was made by the three Multimedia and Design students, Colin Grey, James Martin, and Kathleen Tran. It’s a lot of fun.

Here’s Colin’s introduction:

The short film was created by three students, studying Interactive Multimedia & Design. The courses in the program cover a multitude of different topics, though this course in particular acting as an introduction to 3D Computer Animation. As the project assigned was required to not be too short or long in length, Two Pages A Week was recommended by the professor, as a two page script provides a fairly attainable scope in the time provided. After reading through some of the scripts to get a feel for them, we came across The Department For Accidental Advancement. This script in particular felt like a great mix of serious and funny, with unique character personalities and dynamic, which helped give an immediate mental image of what we could produce. We ran with it and ended up with what you see.


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