The complete beginner’s guide to escaping from the boot of a car.

The first thing you’ll notice about this script (especially if, like most of my readers, you are American) is the use of the Anglocentric “boot” to describe what would otherwise be called the “trunk” of a car. I debated whether to use the Americanised version or not. Ultimately I went with the one I personally use knowing, obviously, that it doesn’t actually matter all that much. If the film is made in America feel free to just transplant the word “trunk” in there wherever “boot” is used.

The second thing you might notice, particularly if you’ve read a lot of the other scripts, is that this one is a little darker than I usually go for. I do find it difficult writing dark stuff but I’m not wholly opposed to it. I’ve written stuff darker still and probably will again at some point, it just doesn’t come to me as easily as some lighter stuff.

Hope you enjoy it.



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