Free Music for Student Films

Need music for your short film?

Check out composer AJ Churchill’s website where he’s made his entire collection available for free for use in student films without a budget.

There’s a really great selection of different kinds of score so browse through, find what you’re after and contact AJ.

– Robert


May – August

Daisy finds an interesting cassette tape at a garage sale.

To be perfectly honest I’m not entirely happy with this one. I like the central idea and set up, I really like the first page but then I think it turns into an underdeveloped rehash of an earlier script.

Given more time and space (though it does come in at 3 pages) I would have developed an emotional story for Daisy that ran parallel to Elaine’s.

Having said a that though I’m happy enough to publish it with my name on it. I’ve had scripts on here that I’ve been less than happy with that have connected with someone enough that they tell me it’s one of their favourites. It should be relatively simple to make at least.

Hope you enjoy it.

May – August

Film: Sniper

While I was on my recent hiatus I was surprised by the fact that the average view count on the blog never really went down (thanks guys!) and even more surprised and delighted whenever someone would contact me having made a film. I had intended to post the films as they came in but life got in the way.

So I’m going to start posting them now and through the coming weeks. The first one is a doozy, Niklaas van Poortvliet from London has adapted Line of Sight, renaming it Sniper. I’d just like to point out that these guys and girls got away with shooting on a London rooftop with a sniper rifle! Here’s an introduction from Niklaas:

Out of Sight jumped out amongst other scripts I had read, as it had a very interesting dynamic between its characters and also some action, which I had never really attempted. I knew when making this film that getting the right location would be paramount in making it believable. Getting the sense of height for the sniper to perch and look down from meant we had to find a rooftop in central London. Gaining access to a roof top in central London with no budget is hard, let alone with a sniper rifle, so we shot very early in the morning to keep a low profile, I had some sleepless night on the approach to making this but I’m so happy we managed to pull it off. I guess if a film doesn’t challenge you then you’re not learning anything. Thanks to everyone who got up early that day and helped out this little film together and thanks to Robert for giving us the script! Good luck to you all for future projects and email me if you have any questions or wish to collaborate in the future

I love it and hope you enjoy it too.


A world leader prepares to make the most important speech of his life.

I think this might be the shortest two pager yet. I didn’t want to pad it out because ultimately I liked the pace and didn’t want any parts of it to drag (is that even possible in a two page script? [Yes]). Also you’ll notice that the title is in a different font, something I’ve only done a couple of times before. There’s no real reason for this, I just liked the way it looked.

It was inspired by recent violence in France and the world’s reaction.

Hope you like it.



The complete beginner’s guide to escaping from the boot of a car.

The first thing you’ll notice about this script (especially if, like most of my readers, you are American) is the use of the Anglocentric “boot” to describe what would otherwise be called the “trunk” of a car. I debated whether to use the Americanised version or not. Ultimately I went with the one I personally use knowing, obviously, that it doesn’t actually matter all that much. If the film is made in America feel free to just transplant the word “trunk” in there wherever “boot” is used.

The second thing you might notice, particularly if you’ve read a lot of the other scripts, is that this one is a little darker than I usually go for. I do find it difficult writing dark stuff but I’m not wholly opposed to it. I’ve written stuff darker still and probably will again at some point, it just doesn’t come to me as easily as some lighter stuff.

Hope you enjoy it.