Film: The Gospel According to Dennis (2)

It’s getting to a point now where there may be several productions of the same script happening around the world and it’s exciting to see how different directors interpret the same script in different ways. Here we have another version of The Gospel According to Dennis, directed by Paul Matian, and I love seeing how different it is to Sarah’s version.

Here’s Paul’s introduction. Hope you enjoy the film.

The Gospel According to Dennis is my first comedy and I’ve always been a little intimidated by the genre. It’s probably the most difficult genre to direct and at the end of the day it’s really hard to make people laugh. Fortunately, we had a great script from Robert to work from and by casting correctly we were able to capture some great improv between Carlo Aparo and Jimmie Tolliver.

Robert’s script was so good to begin with that all we had to do was give the actor’s some freedom to ad lib. I think actor’s love that sense of liberty on set and I was very clear that they were free to bring anything to the table. Sometimes when actors memorize their lines they end up delivering a performance that’s flat or forced. In our case both Jimmie and Carlo simply had a conversation. We shot several takes and jotted down notes when some of the really good jokes took place. That liberty truly brought out some of the best jokes.
Along with the crew, I found myself having a really difficult time trying to keep the laughter to myself. A few of the takes I just couldn’t hold back from laughing out loud and I ruined those takes. It was a very organic production and we had a blast filming the script. Our crew was small but nimble and I’m very thankful we were able to work with Matt Young (Cinematographer) and Mike Murrie (Sound). Hopefully we can all work together again very soon.