Film: Cinematic Amnesia

Elizeth Labega is back with yet another film! This time she’s made Richard Hyde’s guest script Cinematic Amnesia.

Here’s Zee’s introduction:

I hadn’t read Richard Hyde’s introduction to the script for Cinematic Amnesia, so I had no idea what to expect.  When I read the ending, undignified giggles erupted from my mouth, and I decided I had to make this one!  I was not deterred when my primary camera essentially told me to go [insert rude comment here]; I used my small-but-mighty back-up.

After you’ve seen it and have seen the props, imagine going to a store and ordering those.  And having to pick up your order, remembering that the main actress is a 17-year-old girl.  I’m just glad I’m a woman, and not, say, an older man.  Hahaha.

Thanks for the opportunity.  Everyone enjoyed working on this one.  I certainly did!



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