Films: Obituary and The Gospel According to Dennis

Sarah Binysh from Bromley has made not one but two films, Obituary and The Gospel According to Dennis. I was hoping these two would get made some day because they are among the only straight-up comedies that I have written so it’s nice to see them both turn out so well.

Myself and a team of two others chose two of Robert’s scripts , Obituary and The Gospel According to Dennis for our Final Major Project at University. Obituary is about a man who finds out he has died while eating breakfast from his wife. The Gospel According to Dennis is about Jesus visiting Dennis and asks him to join his group of disciples for his second coming. Both scripts are very funny which is why we chose them.


The Gospel According to Dennis


Film: Cinematic Amnesia

Elizeth Labega is back with yet another film! This time she’s made Richard Hyde’s guest script Cinematic Amnesia.

Here’s Zee’s introduction:

I hadn’t read Richard Hyde’s introduction to the script for Cinematic Amnesia, so I had no idea what to expect.  When I read the ending, undignified giggles erupted from my mouth, and I decided I had to make this one!  I was not deterred when my primary camera essentially told me to go [insert rude comment here]; I used my small-but-mighty back-up.

After you’ve seen it and have seen the props, imagine going to a store and ordering those.  And having to pick up your order, remembering that the main actress is a 17-year-old girl.  I’m just glad I’m a woman, and not, say, an older man.  Hahaha.

Thanks for the opportunity.  Everyone enjoyed working on this one.  I certainly did!