Film: Mugged! (2)

Now this is cool. Alexa’s guest script Mugged has been made again. This time in London by Rikki McAdam. The fact that this script has been produced twice now speaks to not only Alexa’s talent as a writer but her ability to keep a low budget in mind while writing.

I love it and look forward to more work from Rikki. Here’s Rikki’s own introduction:

I stumbled across Two pages a Week while searching for a short script to make into a film for my final year of University Studying Broadcast Operations and Production at Ravensbourne. I read Mugged and immediately knew I could make this into a good short, I contacted Alexa immediately asking to make this.

Myself the crew and cast had great fun filming this one rainy night in a rough part of London… Luckily we didn’t getting mugged for our equipment haha! Just wet and cold. The shoot took place over 3 hours one night. We only had that one night to shoot so had to make it count.

We shot on the canon C100 with Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 and Canon 50mm f/1.4 a great camera to work with in low light conditions, which was perfect for this shoot.

It was really interesting and a great challenge to try and bring out the comedy of the script while still trying to keep it threatening as any situation of that sort would be. And it was the casting of great actors who really helped with that challenge.

I really hope you enjoy this version of Mugged!