Film: Paper Sky

Another two-pager has been made! Paper Sky, the first in the Paper Trilogy have been filmed in Florida by Naqi Khawer. I love it and I’m looking forward to more from Naqi.

Here’s Naqi’s introduction:

I love making Short Films – quick and to the point. When I first came across this site, reading all these Two-pager great ideas made me feel like a fat kid in a candy store…. I want ‘em alllllll. Every script in the site including guest scripts is a wonderful piece but Remy ‘n Rose series clicked instantly. After getting Robert’s consent when I shared the idea with actors Adele Zin and Brad Smith, they were equally excited to be onboard. A Big Shout out to Charlene at “Your Big Picture Café” who provided us with space and agreed on a cameo appearance in the movie. On the whole, it was a good story that brought everything together and for that I thank you Robert