Film: Sleeping Beauty

Elizeth Labega, director of Mugged! has made another two pager. She’s a powerhouse! And there’s more in the pipeline.

Here’s her introduction:

“Sleeping Beauty” was already forcing me out of my comfort zone because it was a non-documentary, and with dialogue, no less.  But then there was the (not so) small matter of props.  There was the thrill of bidding on a violin on an online auction, and figuring out how to handle the newspaper.  I felt confident about the actors, though.  Penelope had helped me out with the guest script “Mugged!” by Alexa Brown, and Richard is an experienced guitarist and stage actor.  Also, he and I have been professional Dickensian Christmas carolers together for a good number of years.  I love the way the story takes an unexpected turn, and I love how my music guy added an aural layer of creepy.  By the by, the music guy is in the UK, the violinist is in Israel, and I’m on the central coast of California.  Nice!  I lost all sense of time as I worked on this project.  Great experience.  Thank you, Robert!


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