Film: Idiot Button

Another two pager has been made! This time it’s Idiot Button, made by Damian Mallon and and a group of filmmakers in New Zealand called Bus of the Undead. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here’s an introduction from Damian:

Having witnessed the variety of scripts and films that came out of the 50 Kisses competition, when I discovered what Robert was doing with Two Pages a Week I decided this was something I should check out.

As I read through the scripts, some jumped out and presented me some strong visuals, and I dutifully started showing them around the BOTU crew.

Other than our Annual Christmas Video the crew hadn’t shot anything since our 50 Kisses films last year and, with the Rialto Channel 48 Hour Film Competition not far off, Two Pages A Week offered us a chance to start getting back into the swing of things.  Idiot Button had a simple set up and I had access to a large elevator – it seemed like the perfect fit.

We’d recently acquired a Zoom H4n for sound and this was its shakedown voyage (learnt some things – doing it better now). It was also my first time solo directing (learnt some things – doing it better now).

The principal shoot took place back in April but coordinating equipment, crew, cast and weather to film the exterior cutaways proved difficult.  Then, after the footage was ‘in the can’, things got busy and post production didn’t really start happening until September.

We had a great time making Idiot Button and we’ve certainly got our eye on a couple of Robert’s other scripts for the BOTU treatment in future.  Enjoy.


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