Téja’s Top Ten: Part Two

Here, as promised, is the second part of Téja’s top ten. Thanks again Téja!

It’s Wednesday! And with Robert Lee in the air somewhere over our globe en route to a new life in Australia, it’s time for my final Top Five Two Pagers! I have to admit these were tough to put into any kind of order because I love them all, and I surprised even myself with a couple of more recent works trumping older favourites. Hope you like them too 🙂

#5 – The Sleeping Beauty
The sentimentality in this script makes me hold my breath…and then an instant later it takes me completely by surprise. Perfectly toned and paced, this little story fits wonderfully into the two page format, and would make in incredible festival short. In an early draft it was set in an old lighthouse, and that sense of barren isolation is the only thing I miss.

#4 – Last Drink At the Urbis Club
I am still amazed at the richness of setting and costume, such wonderful characters and an entire mythology encapsulated in two short pages…so many possibilities for layers upon layers of meaning infused into the making of this as a film, and again I think it could be a real hit at the festivals. I love the premise, the richness of the world, the understated not-over-explained nature of the plot. And bizarrely, this would probably be the easiest script on my Top 5 list to actually film…

#3 – Chromathymia
One of the earliest Two Pagers, this grabbed my heart the minute I read it, and ever since it has been my #1. But much to my surprise, when I first started to make my Top 10 I re-read all of the shortlisted scripts, and it became clear how much Robert Lee has developed as a writer since then. I still love the concept here, the visual nature of the film and the insight into the whimsical way that Rob sees the world, but I now also think that the dialogue and the tricks themselves could use a little refresh to bring them up to standard.

#2 – Touch
I consider this to be a sister-film to Chromathymia and love it for all the same reasons; the charming whimsy, the visual nature of the premise, the magical way of looking at the world. On top of that, I think the emotional content is wonderfully paced and it is just a better written script. And yes, I’m a sucker for a good love story 🙂

#1 – Ellipse
We’ve been working with these two characters for a while now and I might be somewhat biased because I’ll admit to being a bit emotionally invested in their story. I adore their dynamic, their adventures and particularly the surreal way that Remy experiences his world, perfectly illustrated in this small vignette. Rob’s trademark whimsy abounds, but the core here is a strong sense of friendship and fallibility that is both thoroughly delightful and completely relatable. Well written, nicely paced, satisfyingly stand alone; Ellipse is flights of fancy with a strong emotional core – fantastic 🙂


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