Falling Into the Sky

A woman suffers from a neurological condition which makes the world seem upside down.

This is a short that introduces a character from something else I’m writing. The larger script is about a group of English speaking people who all live in Paris and congregate in the same cafe. I recently learned that there are cafes in Paris that cater to English speakers and liked the idea of a bunch of people choosing to be together even though they may have nothing in common beyond the language they speak.

Other than Isla and Xavier from this script I also have an English physicist lecturing in Paris, A Canadian food blogger and an Australian chef all regularly meeting in this small cafe.

It also comes from a feeling I used to get as a child of falling into the sky. When I would lie on the ground looking into the sky I would often get the strong feeling of falling upwards.

Anyway, hope you like it.

Falling Into the Sky


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