In the aftermath of an explosion, Tara searches through rubble for survivors

Third of five in the current challenge. This script is a stylistic departure for me so I feel like I can’t really be sure of its quality. There’s a longer version in my head so I’d be happy to offer rewrites if anyone waned to make it.

Hope you enjoy it.



Two Pages a Week: Year One

A year ago today I posted the first two pager to this blog, a little script I wrote for the 50 Kisses competition called The Girl With the Camera. Since then I have had meetings with development executives and producers, had some films made and met one of my favourite screenwriters. All thanks to Two Pages a Week.

It started when my good friend Téja Hudson challenged me to write two pages a week. She liked The Girl With the Camera and thought the exercise might be a good way to hone the craft. She was right, not only do I think I have become a better writer but I have also found a voice and learned a lot of lessons. I can look at each of the scripts I’ve written so far and it represents a different lesson; be more concise, don’t hide the subtext too deep, take the time to think of a better title, introduce the conflict earlier…

Every writer has a drawer or folder full of sketches, notes and interesting articles, this was a chance to raid that, to get all the ideas that swim around in my head out there in some form. But there was also the chance that some of them might be made. I decided to offer the scripts for free to any directors or producers who might stumble across them. Soon enough I was contacted by Adam Plum with his charming version of King of the Cats (only four days after it had been posted I might add) and it was soon followed by Andrew Mitrak’s wonderful One Way Single with hopefully more to follow.

It may not seem like much but reaching a year of doing this certainly means a lot to me and I would like to thank my beautiful, supportive wife, Severine and daughter Clémentine, my very good friend (and proofreader) Téja Hudson, and all my friends, family, guest writers, and collaborators who remain constant inspiration.

Stay tuned.

Robert j. Lee – 25 July 2013


A private detective gets a visit from a client for a debrief of his latest case.

When I started Two Pages a Week I made a list of things I wanted to do with it, little experiments that might be worth trying with short scripts like these. One of those was to write a script in the first person, which I have finally gotten around to.

It’s also part of a challenge, the theme of which will become apparent in the coming weeks.

This script was a lot of fun to write, I hope you like it.


Falling Into the Sky

A woman suffers from a neurological condition which makes the world seem upside down.

This is a short that introduces a character from something else I’m writing. The larger script is about a group of English speaking people who all live in Paris and congregate in the same cafe. I recently learned that there are cafes in Paris that cater to English speakers and liked the idea of a bunch of people choosing to be together even though they may have nothing in common beyond the language they speak.

Other than Isla and Xavier from this script I also have an English physicist lecturing in Paris, A Canadian food blogger and an Australian chef all regularly meeting in this small cafe.

It also comes from a feeling I used to get as a child of falling into the sky. When I would lie on the ground looking into the sky I would often get the strong feeling of falling upwards.

Anyway, hope you like it.

Falling Into the Sky