The Cobbler’s Father

An old cobbler tells the story of his father, a famous watch-maker.

I am currently in the middle of rewrites on a feature script of mine called Good Old World. It’s quite a big rewrite where a lot of stuff is changing. In all the earlier drafts one of the themes has been the power of storytellers and throughout the script I have featured scenes where a character tells a story to one of the protagonists. This then leads to a revelation or a change of opinion for the protagonist. But slowly while writing this latest draft that theme has become less and less important and all of the storytelling scenes have been cut or incorporated in a different way.

So this week’s two-pager is one of the scenes cut from Good Old World. It took quite a bit of rewriting to get it to stand on its own but I’m happy with the result and glad that it can be seen even though it’s no longer part of the larger story.

Hope you enjoy it.

The Cobbler’s Father


One thought on “The Cobbler’s Father

  1. Not sure what my emotions currently are..

    I think the part of me that likes fantasy, magic and mystery i think is the part that is saying nice and smiling.
    The scifi and horror part of me is probably the part that is feeling sad and melancholy.

    Which is good and a shame, as my mind thinks about the boy putting down a watch he was looking at as he’s leaving and the action shows the hand on the watch trying to move, but failing and… Well that’s one train of thought that my head went on after this two pages…

    Good work. 🙂

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