Film: One Way Single

Another two-pager has been made! This time it’s One Way Single and it has been produced and directed by Seattle-based Andrew Mitrak. It has recently screened to positive reactions in a couple of festivals in Seattle and now Andrew has made it available to view online. Here’s an introduction from Andrew:

I read everything on Two Pages a Week. One Way Single struck a chord. Robert’s ability to convey powerful imagery through a simple scene of dialogue between two people on a train resonated with me. I needed to make this movie, so I emailed Robert for his approval. He said yes.
I thought it would be easy to produce. Grab a few actors, a few friends to crew, hop on Seattle’s Light Rail, shoot the scene, and hop off at the end of the line. This was a bad idea. Moving trains are noisy. Their natural light looks amateurish. Shooting without a permit is illegal. The solution: build a set. This was a good idea.
Building a train interior took some time, money, and effort, but the process got people excited for the project. Our whole crew volunteered to help construct the set. It was a great experience to work with this team. We’re all very proud of this movie. It’s all thanks to Robert and his two pagers.
Hope you enjoy it.

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