Paper Sky

Rose has asked Remy to meet him at their old favourite cafe.

This one is another visit to the world and the characters introduced in Ellipse. This one is actually the first in a planned trilogy, I’m not sure if the second one will be next week but it will be soon.

This brings me, though, to a dilemma. These characters are from a short I wrote a few years ago called Ladder to the Moon, upon writing Ellipse I decided to change one of the character’s names. The character who was called Monet is now called Remy. What I hadn’t foreseen was the issue it would raise when I would reintroduce the character of Rose (and later with a character called Ruby) I now have two characters in a scene who have four-lettered names beginning with R.

So I ask you, now that you have met the character a couple of times do you prefer the name Monet or the name Remy?

Hope you enjoy the script.

Paper Sky


2 thoughts on “Paper Sky

  1. Love it. Evokes a lot of emotion in a short amount of time.

    I think I prefer Remy over Monet. Monet seems a little pretentious, which I don’t think suits the character. Remy feels more honest and innocent.

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