Remy is feeling isolated and alone at Rose’s wedding. His friend Perrin comes to his rescue.

This is the third and final part of the Paper Trilogy. I realise that there is camera direction in there but honestly I think that’s fine if used in moderation.

I am actually working on a feature with these characters and this world but will definitely be visiting them more in two-pagers in the future.

Hope you like it.



Clair de Lune

Remy attends Rose’s wedding in an effort to show that he’s okay with being “just friends”.

This week sees the second part in what I’m calling The Paper Trilogy in the vain hope that it will catch on.

I have found lately that instead of scripts that fit nicely into two pages what I seem to be writing is longer stories that are then difficult to squash down into the required length. I found that in this one, making it short and concise meant losing a lot of the subtlety that the dialogue had in the longer drafts. I still like it though.

If you haven’t read last week’s script I wonder if you might read this one first and let me know whether it stands on its own or if you think you need the information from the first part. I’m not entirely sure you could come to this one without any prior knowledge.

Hope you enjoy it.

Clair de Lune

Paper Sky

Rose has asked Remy to meet him at their old favourite cafe.

This one is another visit to the world and the characters introduced in Ellipse. This one is actually the first in a planned trilogy, I’m not sure if the second one will be next week but it will be soon.

This brings me, though, to a dilemma. These characters are from a short I wrote a few years ago called Ladder to the Moon, upon writing Ellipse I decided to change one of the character’s names. The character who was called Monet is now called Remy. What I hadn’t foreseen was the issue it would raise when I would reintroduce the character of Rose (and later with a character called Ruby) I now have two characters in a scene who have four-lettered names beginning with R.

So I ask you, now that you have met the character a couple of times do you prefer the name Monet or the name Remy?

Hope you enjoy the script.

Paper Sky

Maxime and the Dragon

An old man tells his grandchildren the story of how he lost his hand.

I realise that this script will probably never get made because of one big scaly issue but I’m sure a very creative director could find an interesting way around the logistical difficulty of it.

I wanted to do a modern fable and something about storytelling, which is a theme I’m kind of obsessed with. It’s only set in France because of the true incident in the sewers of Paris in 1984 which inspired the story. It could conceivably suit any large city.

Hope you enjoy it.

Maxime and the Dragon