Of Dice & Men

A group of adventurers convene after a successful battle.

Again I’ve cannibalised an old idea, this one was one of the first feature scripts I wrote. I think in this case the idea really suffered by being cut down to two pages. If anyone is interested in making it I will happily write you a longer version, maybe five to ten pages. I have a good twenty page version as well if anyone has the means.

Hope you enjoy it.

Of Dice and Men


3 thoughts on “Of Dice & Men

  1. Very nice… 🙂
    I can envision this happening. Somewhere in the world at least once a year.
    I Especially love the change of script and the addition of the pic for the title page. I wouldn’t have thought it would make much of a difference, I stand corrected.

    Good work as always. 🙂

  2. How nice it is to meet those guys again! I second Bobby on the script change and the tiny sword, very nice idea. Even though I know the story, I think you pulled this off quite well: the main idea is still here as well as the character’s behaviour (good old Harley!). Very nice work and perfectly accurate in those times we are living in, in my opinion 🙂

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