Two friends enjoy a meal in a cafe where, for one of them, the waitress has a certain gravity.

This one was fun to write. These two characters come from something else I have written (though one has had a name change) and it was nice to catch up with them outside the other story.

Hope you enjoy it.



Of Dice & Men

A group of adventurers convene after a successful battle.

Again I’ve cannibalised an old idea, this one was one of the first feature scripts I wrote. I think in this case the idea really suffered by being cut down to two pages. If anyone is interested in making it I will happily write you a longer version, maybe five to ten pages. I have a good twenty page version as well if anyone has the means.

Hope you enjoy it.

Of Dice and Men

The Sleeping Beauty

Nick receives something in his father’s will, something he’s been waiting for his entire life.

Whenever I write a new two pager I generally like to map out any character growth as it relates to the story (I use circles) but I think this is the first time that I have mapped out the arc of an inanimate object.

This script was born from the suggestion that I do something set in a lighthouse but when I had finished the first draft it turned out that (as usual) it was over two pages. Looking back on it I realised that what I had written didn’t need to be set in a lighthouse at all so I nixed the establishing shot at the beginning (start as late as you can and all that). All that remained from that was a piece of dialogue that stated that the character of Nick was difficult to track down. Then that little piece was cut while refining the dialogue.

So here it is, a script set in a lighthouse that’s not set in a lighthouse.

Hope you enjoy it.

The Sleeping Beauty

Last Drink at the Urbis Club

Mr. Melville and Okuma have come to the mysterious Urbis Club for a drink, but one of them has some business to attend to.

I’m currently in the process of writing little one or two sentence synopses for all of my two-pagers so if you think you have an idea for a good punchy line for any of them let me know.

When writing this week’s script I was conscious of not only making it fantastical in some way but also making it very doable on a small budget. I know not every filmmaker can afford burnt out churches or hair that changes colour.

Hope you like it.

Last Drink at the Urbis Club