The King of May

A young girl brings her sister to meet her new friend, the self proclaimed King of May

This week marks my return from hiatus with a little script about Spring. If the title reminds you of King of the Cats it’s because they are kind of related, it’s not a sequel, more of a spiritual cousin. Also anyone who has read my feature Good Old World might recognise that it is conceivably set in the same universe.

Feels good to be back, hope you enjoy it.

The King of May


5 thoughts on “The King of May

  1. Ah ha…

    Thought provoking and deep…
    I think i get some at least some of the symbolism but i’m not sure i got it all.
    I’ll think, reflect and come back to it again later.
    Otherwise a good, a bit of spring magic and mysticism… 🙂

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