Guest Script: The Tornado Tamer

This week’s guest script comes from Mark Dicks and is the opening for a planned series of graphic novels. They are presented here in the hopes that he might gain interest from an artist. If you are, or know anyone who is an artist interested in collaborating on an epic sci-fi series please do contact Mark using the email provided on the title page of the script.

Here’s Mark’s introduction:

I’ve had this idea brewing in my noggin for years now dubbed as my ‘Five Part Epic’. I’m not entirely sure if it will ever be epic, but at the very least I am sure it will be made up of five parts.

However, none of this idea as of late exists on paper. That’s whereabouts Rob and Two Pages a Week comes in. So thank you Rob, and many thanks Two Pages a Week for finally making me notch my scribing digits into gear.

What you’ll discover within my contribution for this week is an attempt at the opening for part one. Hopefully one day this story will make its way onto the pages of a published graphic novel, preferably before I kick the bucket of course.

This script also marks the first on Two Pages a Week that is completely dialogue free, something I’ve been wanting to do myself for a while.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Tornado Tamer


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