Great Apes

Now that Christmas is over and everyone is waking from their food comas it’s time for another two-pager.

Thoughts over the holiday break have been of family, particularly with my sister’s new baby son on the other side of the planet. So this week’s script is about the relationship between three adult siblings. I wanted to build a brief history through dialogue and the way they all relate to each other. I fear that in cutting it down to two pages a lot of Sarah’s affection towards Oliver has been lost but I still like it.

Also, as an interesting insight into my process, the three characters are all named after primates who have been part of important scientific discoveries or experiments over the years.

Hope you enjoy it.

Great Apes


Noodles, Beer and the Best Coffee in Hong Kong

Two strangers, alone and far from home on Christmas eve meet and make a connection.

With this being my last Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere for the foreseeable future I have been thinking about people voluntarily displaced from their homes and families. While living in London we used to call ourselves Christmas Orphans and build a tribe around us for the holidays.

I wanted to write something about two people making a connection in a foreign country. The setting is based on the Spicy Crabs Noodle Restaurant on Temple Street in Hong Kong and the characters are based on two people I know.

I hope you like it.

Noodles, Beer and the Best Coffee in Hong Kong

The Gospel According to Dennis

I wanted to start writing Christmas themed scripts this week but I haven’t really fleshed anything out enough. This script could be called Christmas themed I suppose, one of the characters is pretty important to the whole Christmas mythos, so there’s that.

This script owes its story to Tom Edmunds who wrote this week’s guest script. Hope you like it.

Happy Holidays!

The Gospel According to Dennis

Guest Script: All I Want For Christmas

Due to my being frightfully ill this week a Wednesday went by without me posting a two pager. I will post one tomorrow (promise) but luckily Tom Edmunds has come to the rescue with a guest script.

Tom’s a writer/director from the UK whose short film Is This a Joke is currently doing the circuit and which I recommend highly.

This is the first Christmas themed one and I hope there will be a few more over the coming weeks. Here’s an introduction from Tom:

It is based on a story a friend of mine told me and I always liked it because although it is clearly such a trivial thing it made a surprisingly big impact – perhaps because Xmas is such a focal point of our childhood memories and I guess it was the first time he had felt let down by his parents. Now I’m a parent myself I have become so aware of my own fear of letting my children down… I know it will happen at some point but I’m trying to put it off for as long as possible!

Hope you like it as much as I did.

All I Want For Christmas