Another week where I was down to the wire and writing three scripts in various stages late Tuesday night.

I decided to abandon all three and do a rewrite of one that was sitting in my ‘work in progress’ folder. I suspect it won’t be the last time that folder gets me out of a jam.

It’s a science fiction script as requested by a reader.

Hope you like it.



One thought on “Europa

  1. Excellent. 🙂

    Even tho I knew it was a SciFi, I loved that little journey, and yes there was no huge character twist, but you do pull off a subtle one and a scene twist. Alot harder to do especially since writers often set a scene, so the absence of this usually tips you off to a twist. Something which your two pages can pull off rather well.

    My favourite tho is how you stepped through (i would say up through but that’s my own preference) several different genras… In such a short space (4 paragraphs) my mind went on the journey even tho i knew what the end result was and I was still pleasantly surprised by it’s arrival.

    In fact the only real thing that was missing, were more clues (and another few genras to step through), pointing out something really obvious but at the time you don’t get, perhaps because the key element is missing. These are things that the crime reader would pick up on and solve but your average reader will go for the ride. You pulled it off with the dessert joke, could you tease the audience a little more? I probably couldn’t and your effort is really good.

    So in summary excellent work.
    I have alot of questions in my head and it’s another page turner.
    I’m hooked. 🙂

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