No Spring Chicken

This is an idea that has been swimming in my head for a long time now. I’ve been wanting to write a boxing match for a while and would love to have spent a few more pages to it.

This raises the question, though, of how detailed one should make action description. I’m certainly no boxer and am sure any fight choreographer could come up with a much more dynamic fight than I ever could but for me a few moments were important as transitions. I have left it pretty lean, mostly due to page restriction.

Hope you like it.

Oh, and yes, they’re characters from Neighbours. Why not eh?

No Spring Chicken


One thought on “No Spring Chicken

  1. Interesting to read something where you use well known characters, the description of the characters was not so important to me and I could focus on the story. Love the theme but don’t like neighbours, so would’ve loved to read his about characters u created.

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