Guest Script: Truth Is

This week’s guest two pager comes from the infamous Aaron McCann, the little angry half of Henry and Aaron. You probably know him from the It’s a Snap video that went viral and ended up getting the boys signed at CAA but what you might not know is that he’s actually a cracking horror writer/director. Perished, a short film he co-directed with Stefan Androv Radanovich is currently festivaling its way around the world and I can highly recommend you check it out if you can.

Here’s Aaron’s “brief” introduction:

Hello all. This is my first submission to this fine website, first of many, or maybe first and last, I don’t know. So Rob has asked me to do a bit of an introduction and talk about the story, the challenges etc etc… er… well… ahh… Ok, so I’ll set the scene:

After the first guest script was submitted Rob facefucked me and asked if I’d write 2 pages. Now in between two features I have delivered to my agents, two separate TV series pitches, a pilot script for one that I’m in the middle of, a rewrite on a short film, another shot film application that was due in and my addiction to social media… I somehow found the time. 3 hours worth of time to be exact… maybe less. Lets say 3 hours.

This script was written between 1am and 3am (or there abouts), I think it was a Monday, might not have been, but lets just say it was. I had actually written a similar script before for a project called “300seconds” in which you had to make a film, and the limit of course was 300 seconds. That script was 2 pages long, so there I am thinking; “this will be easy”… but alas I had to write it all from scratch, the original was pretty boring.

TRACK BACK: Yes, I know you shouldn’t use camera directions… but I direct everything I write so I really couldn’t care for “rules”. I knew how I wanted it shot and wanted the pieces revealed, so I boarded it in my head and then sat down to do the voice over (again… fuck the rules).

Now… the inspiration… er… to be honest I can’t remember why I wrote the first incarnation of this. I just like dark things, which people think is strange because I do a lot of comedy (I’ll put a link below), but I guess that’s just where my head was between 1am and 3am, lying in bed, desperate to write it all down and send it to Rob.

So yeah… enjoy, or don’t… It doesn’t matter either way, well it does, but it really shouldn’t. (This has pretty much everything we’ve done on it)

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did but be warned, it is violent.

Truth Is


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