Guest Script: Darkness Descends

This week’s guest script comes from the embarrassingly talented Richard Hyde, a fellow writer from Perth, Australia. Richard seems to constantly have several projects in various stages of production/rewriting at any given time. He is also always good for usable, thoughtful feedback on scripts.

Anyone interested in screenwriting or filmmaking, especially in Australia, should definitely check out Richard’s blog, the only blog I read on a regular basis.

For the two page script Richard asked for a theme to write to so I gave him Halloween. What he wrote is a wonderfully Gothic piece that I enjoyed reading very much. As Richard explains:

This one is the first expression of an idea I’ve started to think about for a feature – how to approach the well-trodden Vampire myth from a new angle. What if it is indeed a myth deliberately constructed to hide a much darker truth? What if Vampires are not at all what legend explains? What if they were something else entirely? Perhaps hard to do that justice in only two pages but it will suffice as a beginning.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Darkness Descends


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