Film: King of the Cats

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I loved the thought of some of these two page scripts getting made so I was obviously pretty excited to get this email last weekend:

Hi Robert, I saw your post on reddit about a week and a half ago and decided to take a stab at one of your scripts!  I’m new to filmmaking but it’s something I’m pursuing as a hobby and am just trying to get better acquainted with my camera, my editing software, lighting, sound, and working with actors.  I’m not much of a writer though, so when I saw your post it was perfect, and the Cats script was simple enough that I could film it entirely in my house in an afternoon.

It was from Adam Plumb in the United States and not only had he directed a version of King of the Cats but he had done it within four days of it being published. While, at Adam’s admission, it’s a little amateurish I love the just pick up a camera and shoot attitude it displays and have to say it’s quite inspirational.

What I like most, I think, are the little changes he made with the script to make it his own, the biggest of which was changing Jack’s gender. Also transplanting the setting from Scotland to The United States meant changing a few small turns of phrase.

I really hope this is the beginning of a trend and with versions of The Gravediggers and One Way Single in preproduction in Vancouver and Seattle respectively it’s certainly looking exciting.

Enjoy the film after this short introduction from Adam himself:

This was a fun script to shoot, though I learned first hand why it’s true what they say about working with children and animals.  Thanks go to my lovely wife Jenny and our friend “Pending” for putting up with my directing and our street kitty Tuna who let us toss him around for my “art”.


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