I really wanted to do a Halloween themed script this week. I started one about a ten year old boy who appoints himself Witchfinder General of his class and tries to burn girls at the stake as a way of dealing with his new found feelings for them but abandoned it because I couldn’t find an ending that I liked. I also started an old fashioned ghost story set on the misty Scottish moors but never really got it to a place where I liked it.

So instead I did a purely silly two pager about death. Inspired partly by something I saw on a television show over the weekend (extra points for knowing the show in question).

Happy Halloween



Guest Script: The Contest

This week’s guest script is another one from Alexa Brown. Her last guest script, Mugged, has been very well received and she has been kind enough to grace us with another.

A brief introduction from Alexa:

I have no excuse for this. I was sent a clip of Man Vs Food that was set in a steakhouse, and this was the first scenario that came to mind


The Contest

Line of Sight

I struggled with the title to this script and, to be perfectly honest, I’m not completely happy with the one I have chosen.

It really was down to the wire, I only decided on Line of Sight this morning. I’m pretty sure that one day soon there will be an “Untitled Two Page Script” posted.

I’m open to better title suggestions to this one. Any ideas?

Hope you like it.

Line of Sight

Guest Script: Truth Is

This week’s guest two pager comes from the infamous Aaron McCann, the little angry half of Henry and Aaron. You probably know him from the It’s a Snap video that went viral and ended up getting the boys signed at CAA but what you might not know is that he’s actually a cracking horror writer/director. Perished, a short film he co-directed with Stefan Androv Radanovich is currently festivaling its way around the world and I can highly recommend you check it out if you can.

Here’s Aaron’s “brief” introduction:

Hello all. This is my first submission to this fine website, first of many, or maybe first and last, I don’t know. So Rob has asked me to do a bit of an introduction and talk about the story, the challenges etc etc… er… well… ahh… Ok, so I’ll set the scene:

After the first guest script was submitted Rob facefucked me and asked if I’d write 2 pages. Now in between two features I have delivered to my agents, two separate TV series pitches, a pilot script for one that I’m in the middle of, a rewrite on a short film, another shot film application that was due in and my addiction to social media… I somehow found the time. 3 hours worth of time to be exact… maybe less. Lets say 3 hours.

This script was written between 1am and 3am (or there abouts), I think it was a Monday, might not have been, but lets just say it was. I had actually written a similar script before for a project called “300seconds” in which you had to make a film, and the limit of course was 300 seconds. That script was 2 pages long, so there I am thinking; “this will be easy”… but alas I had to write it all from scratch, the original was pretty boring.

TRACK BACK: Yes, I know you shouldn’t use camera directions… but I direct everything I write so I really couldn’t care for “rules”. I knew how I wanted it shot and wanted the pieces revealed, so I boarded it in my head and then sat down to do the voice over (again… fuck the rules).

Now… the inspiration… er… to be honest I can’t remember why I wrote the first incarnation of this. I just like dark things, which people think is strange because I do a lot of comedy (I’ll put a link below), but I guess that’s just where my head was between 1am and 3am, lying in bed, desperate to write it all down and send it to Rob.

So yeah… enjoy, or don’t… It doesn’t matter either way, well it does, but it really shouldn’t. (This has pretty much everything we’ve done on it)

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did but be warned, it is violent.

Truth Is

Guest Script: Darkness Descends

This week’s guest script comes from the embarrassingly talented Richard Hyde, a fellow writer from Perth, Australia. Richard seems to constantly have several projects in various stages of production/rewriting at any given time. He is also always good for usable, thoughtful feedback on scripts.

Anyone interested in screenwriting or filmmaking, especially in Australia, should definitely check out Richard’s blog, the only blog I read on a regular basis.

For the two page script Richard asked for a theme to write to so I gave him Halloween. What he wrote is a wonderfully Gothic piece that I enjoyed reading very much. As Richard explains:

This one is the first expression of an idea I’ve started to think about for a feature – how to approach the well-trodden Vampire myth from a new angle. What if it is indeed a myth deliberately constructed to hide a much darker truth? What if Vampires are not at all what legend explains? What if they were something else entirely? Perhaps hard to do that justice in only two pages but it will suffice as a beginning.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Darkness Descends

Film: King of the Cats

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I loved the thought of some of these two page scripts getting made so I was obviously pretty excited to get this email last weekend:

Hi Robert, I saw your post on reddit about a week and a half ago and decided to take a stab at one of your scripts!  I’m new to filmmaking but it’s something I’m pursuing as a hobby and am just trying to get better acquainted with my camera, my editing software, lighting, sound, and working with actors.  I’m not much of a writer though, so when I saw your post it was perfect, and the Cats script was simple enough that I could film it entirely in my house in an afternoon.

It was from Adam Plumb in the United States and not only had he directed a version of King of the Cats but he had done it within four days of it being published. While, at Adam’s admission, it’s a little amateurish I love the just pick up a camera and shoot attitude it displays and have to say it’s quite inspirational.

What I like most, I think, are the little changes he made with the script to make it his own, the biggest of which was changing Jack’s gender. Also transplanting the setting from Scotland to The United States meant changing a few small turns of phrase.

I really hope this is the beginning of a trend and with versions of The Gravediggers and One Way Single in preproduction in Vancouver and Seattle respectively it’s certainly looking exciting.

Enjoy the film after this short introduction from Adam himself:

This was a fun script to shoot, though I learned first hand why it’s true what they say about working with children and animals.  Thanks go to my lovely wife Jenny and our friend “Pending” for putting up with my directing and our street kitty Tuna who let us toss him around for my “art”.