Hole in the Head

Over the last couple of months I’ve realised how unique a challenge it is to keep a story within two pages.  Rewrites always mean losing something I liked for the sake of clarity, I try to make the worlds in the script rich and always have to sacrifice richness to squeeze it down to two pages (I never monkey with the margins or the font size. That’s cheating.) I highly recommend it as an exercise., it works the old brainsoup.

I try to start from a small idea; a character waking up to an alarm, the gravediggers from Hamlet, a ghost-rapist, and build from there. Every writer has a drawer full of little ideas and snatches of overheard dialogue and I find myself raiding it almost every week. It’s both liberating and frustrating at once.

Here’s this weeks little offering, I hope you enjoy it.

Hole in the Head


2 thoughts on “Hole in the Head

  1. This is by far my favourite two pager from you. You already know it but I needed to write it down! I could totally see it as the next Terry Gilliam’s movie, you should make it longer and send it to him. Not joking!

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