One Way Single

The story behind my first feature script is a long and sordid affair. I generally don’t like to speak about it but you may coax it out of me over a beer or two if you’re really interested. Muddied though it is by time, bias and cumulative error, I can’t guarantee any telling of the story will be 100% accurate. Let’s just say that it’s a story of an immoral producer and a very naive and, let’s face it, foolish young writer.

If you don’t want to read any gushy, creative crap I would suggest skipping straight to the script (forewarned be ye, says I!)

It seems like a lifetime ago when I wrote Pepper, I wrote seven drafts in all, it was copied from hard drive to hard drive as I went through different computers over the years but at some point I made the decision to leave it behind. I had grown beyond it as a writer but the characters have stayed with me and, at the risk of sounding gag-inducingly precious (you were warned) are still very important to me.

So recently I mentioned to a friend that I would like to do a series of two pagers that are related and can be seen as a larger arc but also stand on their own as tiny slices. She suggested Pepper.

So here’s the first, those of you who remember the original feature will recognise the same characters in later scripts but will hopefully notice that they have grown a little, that they are a little deeper or more human.

Hope you enjoy it.

One Way Single


Guest Script: Mugged!

This week I’m really rather excited to start my guest script Mondays. I’m hoping to post a new guest-written two page script every Monday from now on. Obviously this will only be possible if I have scripts to publish so if you’ve got a cracking two pager send it on over or if you’re interested in writing one and like a challenge contact me and I can give you a theme to write to.

The first guest script has been written by wonderfully (multi)talented actress Alexa Brown. I have had the pleasure, over the last few months, of co-writing a six-part webseries with Alexa and look forward to revealing details of it in the future.

As for the script I’ll let Alexa herself introduce it:

This started as a daydream. I wondered what I would do if someone tried to mug me and whether I’d be bold/foolish enough to ask to keep something that would have enormous value to me but none to them, for example my trusty Filofax which does indeed contain everything. This became a prolonged and comic daydream in which I managed to keep most of the contents of my bag.

NB I’m pretty sure the police would agree: don’t try this at home, kids.

So here it is, I hope you enjoy it s much as I did.


The Moon in Her Tresses

It’s been nice getting feedback from people letting me know which of the two-pagers has been their favourite. I have my own favourites of course but it’s always a surprise when I post something that was written hastily on Tuesday evening or that I’m a little dissatisfied with and it ends up connecting with someone.

This blog has ended up being even more satisfying than I thought.

Anyway, this one is certainly not my favourite, it could use a hefty rewrite but I hope you enjoy it.

The Moon in Her Tresses

Hole in the Head

Over the last couple of months I’ve realised how unique a challenge it is to keep a story within two pages.  Rewrites always mean losing something I liked for the sake of clarity, I try to make the worlds in the script rich and always have to sacrifice richness to squeeze it down to two pages (I never monkey with the margins or the font size. That’s cheating.) I highly recommend it as an exercise., it works the old brainsoup.

I try to start from a small idea; a character waking up to an alarm, the gravediggers from Hamlet, a ghost-rapist, and build from there. Every writer has a drawer full of little ideas and snatches of overheard dialogue and I find myself raiding it almost every week. It’s both liberating and frustrating at once.

Here’s this weeks little offering, I hope you enjoy it.

Hole in the Head

Idiot Button

I really had trouble with this week’s post. I had written, rewritten and sidelined two separate scripts (I may come back to one of them, it just needs a little more polishing) and was at a loss as to what to post.

Then yesterday I was talking to my friend Miles about not having anything I’m happy with this week and he reminded me that it’s the very nature of forcing oneself to post every week. That I may have to post something I consider unfinished or that I’m not entirely happy with.

Though saying that, I am actually happy enough with this one even though it was written from scratch late last night. I was trying to write a certain type of character and I think he’s in there. It could certainly have taken another rewrite but when can you possibly say that’s not the case?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Idiot Button