A couple of weeks ago with Chronology and the Captain I suggested I might write a script that starts with someone waking up to an alarm, something that I don’t particularly like to read in a short script.

This week I have done just that. Hope you enjoy it.




Another script about memory.

This one is meant to suggest a much larger story, it is related slightly to something else I have written that I might post here one day.

I’m not entirely happy with this one to be perfectly honest, it feels rushed, but that’s the nature of the two pages a week challenge I suppose.

I hope you enjoy it anyway.


Chronology and the Captain

When reading short screenplays there are a few things that make me bristle, even when, as is often the case, they are completely justified or written by a much better writer than myself. One of those things is having a character waking up to an alarm clock as the beginning of the script and another is having it be solely two people talking in a café.

This is a script about two people talking in a café.
Well obviously it’s about more than just that but ultimately it does come down to two people talking in a café.

Maybe next week’s script will open with a guy being woken by his alarm.

Hope you enjoy it.

Chronology and the Captain

Holy Land

This week I’m doing something a little different. This script was written to try a character out, to let him out of his box to wander about and see what kinds of things he might say or get up to.

He’s from something else I might write one day, a TV pilot with a lot of big characters and ideas.

Let me know what you think of him.

Holy Land

The Gravediggers

This week’s script was a lot of fun to write, the first draft came in a few pages too long and I had to be really brutal chopping down to two pages. I had the two characters talking about fatalism and the class system, it was becoming very pythonesque by the end of it so I cut all that stuff out.

I loved writing these characters and could have just kept going and going, I might even revisit them at some point.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Gravediggers