Film: The Gospel According to Dennis (2)

It’s getting to a point now where there may be several productions of the same script happening around the world and it’s exciting to see how different directors interpret the same script in different ways. Here we have another version of The Gospel According to Dennis, directed by Paul Matian, and I love seeing how different it is to Sarah’s version.

Here’s Paul’s introduction. Hope you enjoy the film.

The Gospel According to Dennis is my first comedy and I’ve always been a little intimidated by the genre. It’s probably the most difficult genre to direct and at the end of the day it’s really hard to make people laugh. Fortunately, we had a great script from Robert to work from and by casting correctly we were able to capture some great improv between Carlo Aparo and Jimmie Tolliver.

Robert’s script was so good to begin with that all we had to do was give the actor’s some freedom to ad lib. I think actor’s love that sense of liberty on set and I was very clear that they were free to bring anything to the table. Sometimes when actors memorize their lines they end up delivering a performance that’s flat or forced. In our case both Jimmie and Carlo simply had a conversation. We shot several takes and jotted down notes when some of the really good jokes took place. That liberty truly brought out some of the best jokes.
Along with the crew, I found myself having a really difficult time trying to keep the laughter to myself. A few of the takes I just couldn’t hold back from laughing out loud and I ruined those takes. It was a very organic production and we had a blast filming the script. Our crew was small but nimble and I’m very thankful we were able to work with Matt Young (Cinematographer) and Mike Murrie (Sound). Hopefully we can all work together again very soon.

Films: Obituary and The Gospel According to Dennis

Sarah Binysh from Bromley has made not one but two films, Obituary and The Gospel According to Dennis. I was hoping these two would get made some day because they are among the only straight-up comedies that I have written so it’s nice to see them both turn out so well.

Myself and a team of two others chose two of Robert’s scripts , Obituary and The Gospel According to Dennis for our Final Major Project at University. Obituary is about a man who finds out he has died while eating breakfast from his wife. The Gospel According to Dennis is about Jesus visiting Dennis and asks him to join his group of disciples for his second coming. Both scripts are very funny which is why we chose them.


The Gospel According to Dennis

Film: Cinematic Amnesia

Elizeth Labega is back with yet another film! This time she’s made Richard Hyde’s guest script Cinematic Amnesia.

Here’s Zee’s introduction:

I hadn’t read Richard Hyde’s introduction to the script for Cinematic Amnesia, so I had no idea what to expect.  When I read the ending, undignified giggles erupted from my mouth, and I decided I had to make this one!  I was not deterred when my primary camera essentially told me to go [insert rude comment here]; I used my small-but-mighty back-up.

After you’ve seen it and have seen the props, imagine going to a store and ordering those.  And having to pick up your order, remembering that the main actress is a 17-year-old girl.  I’m just glad I’m a woman, and not, say, an older man.  Hahaha.

Thanks for the opportunity.  Everyone enjoyed working on this one.  I certainly did!


Film: Mugged! (2)

Now this is cool. Alexa’s guest script Mugged has been made again. This time in London by Rikki McAdam. The fact that this script has been produced twice now speaks to not only Alexa’s talent as a writer but her ability to keep a low budget in mind while writing.

I love it and look forward to more work from Rikki. Here’s Rikki’s own introduction:

I stumbled across Two pages a Week while searching for a short script to make into a film for my final year of University Studying Broadcast Operations and Production at Ravensbourne. I read Mugged and immediately knew I could make this into a good short, I contacted Alexa immediately asking to make this.

Myself the crew and cast had great fun filming this one rainy night in a rough part of London… Luckily we didn’t getting mugged for our equipment haha! Just wet and cold. The shoot took place over 3 hours one night. We only had that one night to shoot so had to make it count.

We shot on the canon C100 with Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 and Canon 50mm f/1.4 a great camera to work with in low light conditions, which was perfect for this shoot.

It was really interesting and a great challenge to try and bring out the comedy of the script while still trying to keep it threatening as any situation of that sort would be. And it was the casting of great actors who really helped with that challenge.

I really hope you enjoy this version of Mugged!

Film: Paper Sky

Another two-pager has been made! Paper Sky, the first in the Paper Trilogy have been filmed in Florida by Naqi Khawer. I love it and I’m looking forward to more from Naqi.

Here’s Naqi’s introduction:

I love making Short Films – quick and to the point. When I first came across this site, reading all these Two-pager great ideas made me feel like a fat kid in a candy store…. I want ‘em alllllll. Every script in the site including guest scripts is a wonderful piece but Remy ‘n Rose series clicked instantly. After getting Robert’s consent when I shared the idea with actors Adele Zin and Brad Smith, they were equally excited to be onboard. A Big Shout out to Charlene at “Your Big Picture Café” who provided us with space and agreed on a cameo appearance in the movie. On the whole, it was a good story that brought everything together and for that I thank you Robert

Film: Sleeping Beauty

Elizeth Labega, director of Mugged! has made another two pager. She’s a powerhouse! And there’s more in the pipeline.

Here’s her introduction:

“Sleeping Beauty” was already forcing me out of my comfort zone because it was a non-documentary, and with dialogue, no less.  But then there was the (not so) small matter of props.  There was the thrill of bidding on a violin on an online auction, and figuring out how to handle the newspaper.  I felt confident about the actors, though.  Penelope had helped me out with the guest script “Mugged!” by Alexa Brown, and Richard is an experienced guitarist and stage actor.  Also, he and I have been professional Dickensian Christmas carolers together for a good number of years.  I love the way the story takes an unexpected turn, and I love how my music guy added an aural layer of creepy.  By the by, the music guy is in the UK, the violinist is in Israel, and I’m on the central coast of California.  Nice!  I lost all sense of time as I worked on this project.  Great experience.  Thank you, Robert!

Film: Mugged!

The first guest script has been made! Alexa Brown’s script Mugged! has been made by Elizeth Labega from California. Hope you like it.

Firstly, here’s Alexa:

I am delighted that my first two pager, Mugged, has been made into a short film. I wrote it after thinking about all the seemingly vital (but ultimately unimportant) things I carry about with me and how I would hate to lose them. Talking to Zee, the director, I realised how UK-specific parts of the dialogue were: the brand names and turns of phrase that were a mystery to US ears. So she and I had a fun time adapting the script a little from the original printed version.

Zee and the cast have done a fantastic job – I hope you enjoy it too!

and Here’s a few interesting notes from Elizeth:

This was my third non-documentary short film. The horse head mask and NERF guns during the credits are references to my two earlier short films.

My “storyboards” consisted of stick-figures drawn on the back of business cards.

This was my first time making a non-documentary film that was a) written by someone else and b) featured dialogue.

Penelope was originally going to be the mugger.

I was hoping for an overcast day so I could shoot it during the day and try to make it look like nighttime. Overcast days are common here on the central coast of California, but on shooting day Mother Nature had plans and the sun came out with a vengeance!

At the last minute I got Clarke to help me out and be the mugger. He didn’t have much time to look at the script.

In addition to writing the script Alexa Brown was a cultural interpreter and helped me Americanize the story, otherwise I would have had the actress pull an oyster shell from her bag. I didn’t know that an Oyster is a public transportation card in London. Hahahaha!

Everyone involved in making this short film had fun!