Film: Sleeping Beauty

Elizeth Labega, director of Mugged! has made another two pager. She’s a powerhouse! And there’s more in the pipeline.

Here’s her introduction:

“Sleeping Beauty” was already forcing me out of my comfort zone because it was a non-documentary, and with dialogue, no less.  But then there was the (not so) small matter of props.  There was the thrill of bidding on a violin on an online auction, and figuring out how to handle the newspaper.  I felt confident about the actors, though.  Penelope had helped me out with the guest script “Mugged!” by Alexa Brown, and Richard is an experienced guitarist and stage actor.  Also, he and I have been professional Dickensian Christmas carolers together for a good number of years.  I love the way the story takes an unexpected turn, and I love how my music guy added an aural layer of creepy.  By the by, the music guy is in the UK, the violinist is in Israel, and I’m on the central coast of California.  Nice!  I lost all sense of time as I worked on this project.  Great experience.  Thank you, Robert!

Film: Mugged!

The first guest script has been made! Alexa Brown’s script Mugged! has been made by Elizeth Labega from California. Hope you like it.

Firstly, here’s Alexa:

I am delighted that my first two pager, Mugged, has been made into a short film. I wrote it after thinking about all the seemingly vital (but ultimately unimportant) things I carry about with me and how I would hate to lose them. Talking to Zee, the director, I realised how UK-specific parts of the dialogue were: the brand names and turns of phrase that were a mystery to US ears. So she and I had a fun time adapting the script a little from the original printed version.

Zee and the cast have done a fantastic job – I hope you enjoy it too!

and Here’s a few interesting notes from Elizeth:

This was my third non-documentary short film. The horse head mask and NERF guns during the credits are references to my two earlier short films.

My “storyboards” consisted of stick-figures drawn on the back of business cards.

This was my first time making a non-documentary film that was a) written by someone else and b) featured dialogue.

Penelope was originally going to be the mugger.

I was hoping for an overcast day so I could shoot it during the day and try to make it look like nighttime. Overcast days are common here on the central coast of California, but on shooting day Mother Nature had plans and the sun came out with a vengeance!

At the last minute I got Clarke to help me out and be the mugger. He didn’t have much time to look at the script.

In addition to writing the script Alexa Brown was a cultural interpreter and helped me Americanize the story, otherwise I would have had the actress pull an oyster shell from her bag. I didn’t know that an Oyster is a public transportation card in London. Hahahaha!

Everyone involved in making this short film had fun!

Where are all the new two-pagers?

Hi all,

You have probably noticed that there hasn’t been a new script for a while now. This is because I have been busy finishing off a webseries, working hard on a new draft of a feature spec and developing a new pilot and a new feature. The weekly scripts will be back soon, probably the new year. In the meantime why not catch up on any scripts you’ve missed or leave a comment on your favourites (or least favourite)?

Hope you all have a merry Christmas!


Film: Idiot Button

Another two pager has been made! This time it’s Idiot Button, made by Damian Mallon and and a group of filmmakers in New Zealand called Bus of the Undead. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here’s an introduction from Damian:

Having witnessed the variety of scripts and films that came out of the 50 Kisses competition, when I discovered what Robert was doing with Two Pages a Week I decided this was something I should check out.

As I read through the scripts, some jumped out and presented me some strong visuals, and I dutifully started showing them around the BOTU crew.

Other than our Annual Christmas Video the crew hadn’t shot anything since our 50 Kisses films last year and, with the Rialto Channel 48 Hour Film Competition not far off, Two Pages A Week offered us a chance to start getting back into the swing of things.  Idiot Button had a simple set up and I had access to a large elevator – it seemed like the perfect fit.

We’d recently acquired a Zoom H4n for sound and this was its shakedown voyage (learnt some things – doing it better now). It was also my first time solo directing (learnt some things – doing it better now).

The principal shoot took place back in April but coordinating equipment, crew, cast and weather to film the exterior cutaways proved difficult.  Then, after the footage was ‘in the can’, things got busy and post production didn’t really start happening until September.

We had a great time making Idiot Button and we’ve certainly got our eye on a couple of Robert’s other scripts for the BOTU treatment in future.  Enjoy.

I Remember a Lot of Octobers

After breakfast, Mara decides how to spend the rest of her day.

One of the things I like about two page scripts (and shorts in general) is that there is no set structure. There can be two broad acts (set up, pay off), three traditional acts, open with a question and explore the answer, a tiny moment with a character or, as in this case, it could end with a question.

Hope you enjoy it.

I Remember a Lot of Octobers

Winter’s Dream

Winter discusses his odd recurring dream with his friends.

This week’s script, like Jim Reaper and Falling Into the Sky, is a small part of something bigger. In this case it belongs to a feature that I am actively developing, we are introduced to our hero and the odd world he is a part of. This scene probably isn’t one that will end up in the script but I wanted to take the characters out for a bit of fresh air and a run around.

The feature is a comedy about fatherhood, both biological fatherhood and within the makeshift families we build around us. It’s also about love, dreams, madness and Shakespeare.

Please note that as this is a part of a feature script I am working on I am not making it available to be made.

Hope you like it.

Winter’s Dream


Three Roman legionnaires wonder whether the Imperial army is really for them.

I’m back from my hiatus with not one but TWO two pagers. A huge thanks to Téja Hudson and Alexa Brown for helping out while I was gone.

These scripts are two parts of the same story, I feel like this is the beginning of the emotional journey for these characters. Given more room it would have been a lot more about the interaction between the three. This story (so far) is about ideas of pacifism and non-violence and I wanted to compare patriotism to religious zealotry.

Also I wanted them to be fun and funny.

Hope you enjoy them.

Ignavi 1

Ignavi 2